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OK, yes, I have an iPhone. (No, it’s not the 4i, it’s the 4—I got it about a week before the new one came out. I wanted it cheaply. :) ) 

And yes, I’m sort of an Apple freak (for example, I’m writing this on my MacBook). 

But if you have a CI, you owe it to yourself to check out the iPhone. I can, for the first time since my surgery, actually make phone calls and understand all the words. 

Now, some caveats: I’ve only had it a bit over a week, and I”ve only tried it with my parents. But before, I couldn’t really hear my parents well over the phone. A conversation would go like this:

ME: Hi!

THEM: mubmblerato;i ruwt90q43uv90[tu4qt[advk

ME: Sorry?

THEM: lkafsgopi rautrwut I said ds;lgfajks t[iorwu[t glkn

ME: OK, get on google chat, please. 

Now, I have real conversations!

Here’s the one I just had with my dad:

Dad: Hello?

Me: Hi!

Dad: What’s up? 

Me: Just calling to tell you I walked farther and faster tonight. 

Dad: Good. Wear a sweater.

Me; Well, I’m back (meaning, I don’t need the sweater I’m back inside) What are you guys doing?

Dad: Nothing

Me: OK. Well I’ll bring the book for you tomorrow (Book is That Hideous Strength, and we’re having lunch tomorrow). 

Dad: OK, good. 

Me: OK. 

Dad: Love you.

Me: Love you too. 

Dad: Bye

Yes, OK, boring. Pedestrian. Millions of people do this every day.

But I understood all the words!

Now that doesn’t mean that the annoying “Buzz” still isn’t there—it is—but the clarity of the voice is much better. 

So I am vastly pleased.

But it’s still in the trial stages, so if you call, I don’t promise great results like this. :) It depends on how well I know your voice. :) But eventually, I hope to be able to resume phone use. 

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